My Advent Calendar is featured in Keiki magazine for kids in the November issue 2015

 You can buy it here:





My heart in May 2015

This spring I got pneumonia and stayed 11 days at the hospital!!

When I left the hospital the doctor said to me: You have water around your heart, but it is no problem.

It will disappear after some time. Don’t worry!

And the I started worrying and imagined how water had entered my heart!

Now it is all over – I am well again but the memory about water in my heart hasn’t slipped my mind.

and I had to illustrate it!


MarMar_print in shops now!

I helped MarMar getting this print ready by making the repeat one year ago. Now it is in the shops. I love seeing all the different styles with this lovely print.

The print is called Flower Field. You can find dresses, trousers, shirts and much more with the print at



Marmar, dress


Print design for Ticket to Heaven

I always enjoy seeing the prints I have made when they are all ready and in the shops. Here is the print “Stars and Berries” which I designed for the Danish company Ticket to Heaven about one year ago.

You can buy the jacket  here:   (what a long link!)–and-windproof-baby-jacket—kian/